Founded in 2013 by a group of professional adventurers devoted to promoting the “Enjoy Nature” culture, Wilday is committed to providing a safe, reliable and professional adventure experience to the sport lovers who would love to enjoy the beauty of Nature in a different way, and a memorable form of outdoor amusement for the urbanites to stay away from the great pressure from the hustle and bustle of the city. A number of specific challenges will also be catered for those who aim to seek a breakthrough in their lives and better understand themselves. Most exclusively, we will keep organizing events or gatherings so as to expand everyone’s social acquaintance.


Wilday於2013年成立,是由一班有志於推廣大自然優閑文化的專業嚮導所組成。 我們致力提供一個安全、專業、可靠的體驗環境給來自四方的朋友,以一種另類、不一樣的方式享受美麗的大自然。此外亦希望鼓勵一羣生活於繁忙勞碌社會的都巿人遠離煩囂,透過野外活動一緩日常生活所面對的龐大壓力。同時透過一些特定的挑戰,鼓勵朋友們尋求突破、挑戰自我,學會欣賞自己。 我們亦會不定期舉辦一些活動或聚會,藉以擴大社交生活的圈子。

© 2013 by Wilday